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5 Things We Accidentally Teach Our Dogs

There comes a time in every dog owner's life where they inadvertently teach their dog something they wouldn't have, if they had thought it through. As incredibly intelligent creatures when they want to be, dogs, like children, tend to learn both the good and the bad from their owners. Here are some of the most common things we as dog owners, accidentally teach our dogs. 

1. Shutting the windows means that it's over, their human is leaving forever

If you're the type of person who likes to leave your windows open during the warmer months, then your dog is sure to pick up on that! Closing the windows often signifies that you are leaving for an extended period of time, and won't be home to anticipate any potential rain. So basically, you'll be gone until the end of time. 

2. Getting treats out of the cupboard means it's time for the entire trick repertoire

Everyone has a smart dog. At least everyone thinks they do. But if you are someone who regularly asks your canine to preform tricks in exchange for treats, chances are that he has caught on to your routine. If your dog sits, lays down, rolls over, high fives, and shakes paw before you can even reach the cupboard it might be time to switch it up! 

3. Putting on socks means it’s time for a walk, even on weekends

There are some things that we do in the morning before work that to us, may seem like random nonsense. But to our very eager pooches who are waiting to kick it, these events occur like clockwork. So if the final thing that you do before leaving the house to go for your daily walk is put your socks on, your dog may just about lose his mind every time you do!

4. If they ring this bell, they can go outside whenever they want, not just to pee

One of the most popular training tools on the market at the moment are the sleigh bells that you can attach to your door knobs. The idea is that if hung from the door that your dog normally exits to use the washroom, he will associate the two and then tell you when he needs to go out. Sounds great, no? While they totally work, a manipulative pooch will show you they might just work too well and you'll be letting him out just to play... 50 times per day. 

5. Turning off the television means it’s bedtime, even at 2 o'clock in the afternoon

Much like putting on your socks, if your dog is used to snuggling up on the couch with you every night before bed then he will likely associate your turning off the set with going to bed. But what happens on weekends and Saturday morning cartoons? Well, you guessed it. It's time for bed. Oh, you thought you were going out to run some errands? Think again, buddy. Your dog has other plans!

Bianca Roy
Bianca Roy


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