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8 Completely Stupid Things That Dog Owners Find Adorable

Alright, let's face it. One of the things people like most about dogs is how easily amused they are. They are fun, silly and keep us entertained for hours on end.

Okay, so maybe we can be easily amused too. 

1. Throwing a blanket over your dog, for it to get lost for hours

Whether it’s laundry day and you’re making the bed, or you have an extra three minutes during a commercial break, if there is one thing that every dog owner has done; it’s this. While, like the title states, this activity appears to be utterly moronic, it can also provide hours of fun. For some reason, dogs seem to get trapped under blankets, furiously shaking their butts for what seems like an eternity, and their owners are the only ones who get to reap the benefits, giggling themselves all the way to the bank.

8 Completely Stupid Things That Dog Owners Find Adorable

2. Hiding yourself under a blanket and waiting for your dog to come find you

Much like the aforementioned activity, the same can be done for dog owners! Dogs seem to have a natural ability to play hide and seek, or peekaboo and find the utmost joy in playing both. Throwing a blanket over yourself, or covering your face much like you would with a baby can keep usually keep even the most distracted dogs occupied for quite some time. And while they generally aren’t fans of being scared, nothing compares to the happiness emanating from a pup who has just found their lost parent! Goodness, you could have been missing forever, whatever would they do without you?

3. Getting your dog excited about something they shouldn’t be excited about

While this one may seem a little on the mean side, only the best dog owners know that of course, it is done only in jest. If you haven’t gotten your dog excited about something that they definitely have no understanding of - and probably shouldn’t be stoked about, then chances are, well... You're probably lying. Come on, everyone has used “the voice” (you know the one) at least once, to get their dog pumped on something they would normally hate. Reactions to phrases like “Who is going to get vaccinated!! YOU are, yes you are, you adorable little mutt!!” to “See ya Fido!! We’re going to leave you here forever if you don’t hurry up!! Enjoy your new family!!” are utterly hilarious, even if you do want to keep it to yourself.

  • 4. Blowing in your dog’s face

  • Oh, simple pleasures. Isn’t it funny when you think about it, how much money we spend on our dog’s toys, only to find the most inexpensive things the most amusing? No? So what if you spent $25 on that new steak toy for your pup? Deep down in the bottom of your heart, you know that nothing compares to just you and your pooch, and some gently blown air. Even better? It’s free! Everyone and their mother has spent at least ten minutes over the course of their lives blowing in their dogs faces (or ears!) and gauging their reactions. From biting the air to covering their faces with their paws, all we know is that no matter the reaction, it is absurdly adorable.

  • 5. Touching your dog’s tongue

  • A dog's tongue, otherwise known as the holy grail of canine ownership is something that has lured humans in for centuries. But why? Why must we poke the tongue? It goes without saying that about oh, everyone who is reading this article has tried to prod at their dog’s tongue with their finger at least once in their life. A tired dog yawning or panting in the summer heat obviously provides the most optimal opportunity to both catch a glance and make your move, but a sleeping dog who happens to leave his tongue unattended is a trap set in place for the best of us. Sure your friends think it’s weird, but dog owners know. Dog owners know.

  • 6. Dancing with your dog

  • Forget dancing with the stars.  Who wants to do that, when you can dance with your dog? While they aren’t always willing participants to your shenanigans, a dog will ultimately agree to be your dancing partner if it is under 30 lbs. That is to say, if you can carry your dog in your arms, you can surely dance to some Frank Sinatra together. And who needs an excuse? For those of us who dance with our dogs, we don’t need a reason. Got a promotion at work? Dance with your dog to celebrate. It’s Friday? Dance with your dog! Waiting for the microwave to beep? You better sing a little tune and dance with that pooch!

  • 7. Putting peanut butter on your dog’s nose and watching them try to get it off

  • Again, to unassuming friends and family this fun, playtime activity may appear to fall under the category of cruel and unusual punishment, but you know it’s totally not. Putting peanut butter on your dog’s nose - just that tiny inch out of reach, just so you can root him on in his valiant attempts to lick it off is not only a great way to treat your pup and spend some quality time together, but is also a fun photography tip! Ever see a photo of a dog making a silly face? Peanut butter is one of the most commonly used tricks by the pros! So you know, if the professionals do it... It can’t be that mean!

  • 8. Flipping the dog's ears inside out

  • Is it a seal? Is it a monkey? There is just something about a dog with it’s ears flipped inside out that makes a person laugh. Like come on Buster, when are you going to get your act together and straighten your life out? How are you going to get a job when your ears are inside out? And while your dog likely has no idea what’s happening, they will often just sit there, staring and smiling at all the attention they are getting from the people around them. So if you’ve ever flipped a dog’s ears inside out and poked a little fun at them, just take solace in knowing that it was probably one of the best moments of his life. Right?

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