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Just So You Know, There's No Such Thing As Loving Your Dog Too Much

Oh, hello there. Welcome to my blog post. Please come on in and take a seat. Punch and pie will be provided shortly*. I have invited you all here today to discuss something extremely important, and that important topic is, your love for your dog. 

Wear those matching sweaters!

Parents will often match with their babies (this author and the mother of his baby are guilty of this). So, why NOT rock matching cardigans with your furry baby?

Cancel those plans, stay home to cuddle!

Honestly, did you REALLY want to go listen to work-Carl drone on about T9s all night at league bowling night? Of course not. You want to stay home and cuddle that dog of yours because your love knows no bounds. THAT’S AWESOME AND GREAT. 

Buy those birthday/adoption day presents!

Sure, love isn’t about gifts, but some times you just want to spoil your dog and that’s perfectly OK.

Talk about your dog ALL DAY!

Barb and Ken at work talk about the people they’re dating constantly. Debra and Jakub go on and on about their kids. So, why can’t you talk about the dog love of your life? It’s only fair.

Get those SEARS family portraits done!

It's totally not weird. I think it's the coolest, and I'm an expert.

Next time you feel like you’re spoiling, talking about, or loving your dog too much, know that it is 100% impossible to do so.

*Turns out work-Carl forgot to order to the punch and pie. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Work-Carl has been punished accordingly.

Josiah Young
Josiah Young


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