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The Top 8 Times You Wish You Could Text Your Dog

People are always saying they wish their dog could just talk, so they could tell you what they want, you could reason with them, convince them to listen to you, have a casual chat, or if Timmy fell in a well or if there's just a really interesting squirrel outside.

We, on the other hand, wish we could text our dogs. Sure talking is great, but there are so many times we are away from our dogs that we wish we could text them, too. Here're  the top 8 scenarios that would make everyone wish they could text their dog.


1. When you're running late...


2. When you need to make sure they're on their best behavior


3. When you need to convince them to not destroy the house while you're away


4. When you need them to chill out


5. When they're not feeling well


6. When your dog wishes it could text you



7. When they get lost


8. When you're away and you really, really miss them





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Callianne Bachman
Callianne Bachman


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