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Basset Hound Who Broods Over Foods Will Brighten Your Mood

We all know the look. The look your dog gets on its face when it is concentrating really really hard -- like death-stare levels of intensity -- in an attempt to levitate the food right off your plate and into its mouth.

But not since Stains, the dramatic cupcake dog has there been a pup with the same laser stare and clear need to EAT! ALL! THE THINGS! Your things. The ones on your plate. Yes, all of it.

Until now! We would like to formally present you with Bella the basset hound and her big bug-eyed begging technique. She is clearly attempting to master the art of telekinesis in order to steal all the snacks, in these six priceless photos. 

1. Pup Pines Over Pieces of Pizza


2. Hound Hounding Humans for Hamburgers


3. Dog Dreams of Devouring Doughnut



4. Basset Hound Begs for Bites of Breakfast Bacon, Aches for Eggs, and Cries for Crumpets.


5. Slobbering Salaciously for Simply a Single Slice


6. Slyly Side-eyeing Sub Sandwiches and Charming You for Chips

7. Whining to be Dining on Doritos and Salivating Over Swedish Sweets.


It takes a will of steel to say no to that face. Thanks to Bella's mum, Jenni Lynn of Toronto, Ontario for all the amazing snapshots of her food crazed dog. Bella was a rescue, but if she'd gotten to name her Jenni would have chosen "Meatball" which we at World if Angus think would really suit her. Bella had been in 5 different homes by age 6, when Jenni adopted her, but now she knows how to play dead, shake a paw, sit, stand up and speak!If Jenni says the word 'bath' to her, she bolts and lays on her bed and pretends she's going to sleep. Smart dog!

Callianne Bachman
Callianne Bachman


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