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Trimming Your Dog's Nails Is More Important Than You Thought

Trimming your dog's nails is not just a part of grooming, but is important for your dog's health as well. Here are just some of the reasons why trimming your dog's nails are important.

General comfort
When dogs spend a good deal of time outdoors, their nails are gradually worn down. But the fact is, most domesticated dogs don't have this happen and we need to trim them down for them. Overgrown nails can break easily and can be very painful for your dog.

Long-term health and safety
While long-term, overgrown nails can cause difficulties with walking, it can also lead to the development of arthritis and can also hurt the blood supply to the nail, if mistreated. So yes, nail trimming is very important!

Walking issues
Long nails can cause dogs to rock back on their paws, causing strain on the legs. They also exert force into the nail bed and create pressure onto the toe joint.

While these are just some of the reasons why it's important to trim your dogs nails, the fact remains is that it can also be a very stressful experience for the dog. It's something to remember and keep in mind that while this experience can and will be stressful, this will be better for their long-term health.

Many groomers and vet’s office offer nail clipping services for fairly cheap.

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