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6 Ways To Make Every One At Your Office Love Your Dog

Dogs in the workplace can make employees happier and more productive. So we have 6 ways to not only persuade your boss to allow your dog in the office but also make everyone love your pet. 

1. Make sure your dog is clean and vaccinated

So while you may love your dog, if your pup is going to be spending time in your office, then you need everyone else to love him too. Make sure before bringing them into the office you have given them a nice bath and brushed their fur, just in case anyone is allergic. This will make sure everyone is seeing your furry friend at his best.

2. Prepare to keep the dog on leash

This is a new adventure for both you and your canine companion, which is exciting. While you may want to keep them off leash when you get into the office, be considerate of those around you and don't let them run loose unless everyone is cool with it. Your dog may or may not be good for a work environment, so it's important to keep that in mind too!

3. Make sure your dog feels safe at work

Today is going to be an overwhelming day for not just you and your co-workers but for your lil' pup. Set up a place for your dog (like a dog bed) beforehand and instruct your co-workers to try to come visit with the dog at certain times at the dog bed. This will ensure that you're not disrupting the rest of the workspace but also creating a safe space for your dog.

4. Ease them in

So before going head first into a full day of work, perhaps you should try a trial day (without anyone in the office) on a weekend to see how your dog reacts. Since you're introducing a new space to them, you'll want to ensure they are comfortable with these surrounding and don't have any nervous anxiety (barking, peeing, etc.) upon arrival. Better to be safe rather than sorry!

5. Stimulation is key

Plan small interactions throughout the day with your dog every 20-30 minutes, if it's just a quick pet or giving them a treat. Whatever it is - even though you're at work - make sure you're still giving them stimulation and love. Also, make sure that co-workers are overstimulating your dog, as that can make them extremely hyper, anxious and terrible to be in the workplace.

6. Don’t force colleagues to interact with your dog 

The fact of the matter is, some coworkers may not be as into dogs as you are and that's OK. Do not force the interactions to happen! If they have expressed their displeasure, let them know that you hear them and will do your best to keep your furry one out of their way.

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