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5 Things You Need To Do When You've Just Lost Your Dog

It may hurt at first, but coping with grief from a lost pet is common. You might be going through a lot of emotions and feelings, all of which are totally normal. Here are a few things you will want to keep in mind when you've lost your loved furry one. 

1. Services and remains

When a pet dies, you will be faced with the difficult decision of how to handle their remains. Depending on what you choose, fees vary widely and can be performed at your local Humane Society.  Don't be afraid to ask questions by calling your veterinarian who can help guide you through the process or help make further recommendations.

2. To keep or not to keep

Depending on your relationship with your pet and how you feel about the situation, you may decide you want to bury your loved one in a pet cemetery. The other option is for cremation, which allows the ability to scatter their ashes in a favorite spot or even keep them at home. 

3. Breaking the news to everyone 

You are the best judge of how much information you want to share, but the best thing is to be honest. Be honest about your loss and the pain you're feeling. More often than not, you'll find comfort in friends and family who have gone through the same type of loss.

4. Allow yourself time to heal and be sad

The grieving process happens differently for every single person. You're going to feel sad, upset, and even angry. Give in to your emotions and let yourself feel those things. Bottling up emotions is never a good thing and this is a bond that will take time to heal from.


5. Honor and remember your pet

Make a scrapbook or make the background of your computer a photo of them. Whatever you do - don't let their memory fade away. Cherish the memories you had with your furry companion and keep them near and close.

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