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Why Shaming Someone Over Their Dog Can Be Dangerous

Hey friends, listen up! We all judge other people for a lot of different reasons, even when we don't notice it. So one of the things that has been heavily debated on in posts like this or even this is the following: many people, adopters and purchasers need to stop shaming others because it can be harmful to the dogs.

Now, I know what you're thinking - how can it be harmful? Well there are a few ways in which shaming a certain type of breed or where someone purchased their pup can be harmful in a variety of ways, which we've captured below:  

Dogs can pick up on negative energy and emotions

If you're feeling hurt, angry, or upset then you should absolutely know that those feelings and energy is being picked up by your dog. If you or someone you know is judging another dog or a specific breed, kindly ask them to stop as this can begin a vicious cycle and cause great harm to the dog.



But that's not true

So more often that not, many people have misconceptions about breeds because of passed down rumors. This can be harmful and dangerous for other owners who have spent considerable time and effort training their dog. If you don't know about the breed, ask the owner and don't make assumptions.


What's right vs. what's wrong

Everyone has their own opinion on what is right and wrong for your dog however the only one who will know what's best for your dog is you, the owner. You know the breed best and use this opportunity to show why someone shaming this breed isn't right.



Education and changing perception

With outreach and education, it may be possible to change people's perceptions on what your dog and breed is really like. Don't be afraid to answer question, join Facebook groups and become active in your local dog community.


The moral of the story is that we shouldn't judge others as it won’t get you far. When someone tries to shame your dog in the future, share your point of view and try to change theirs. 

Ama Scriver
Ama Scriver


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