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5 Signs Your Dog Might Secretly Be In Pain

We never want to see our furry friends suffer in pain. It is truly awful. What is sometimes worse, though, is that we don’t even realize that they ARE in pain. Unfortunately we are not Dr. Dolittle and our dogs can’t speak like Brian Griffin, but there are signs we can look for.

Here are 5 signs your dog may be in pain:


1. Excessive Self-Grooming

A well groomed dog is a great thing, but if your pal is constantly grooming the same spot, they may be in pain in that specific area. They may also lick their paws excessively in an attempt to sooth themselves.


2. Heavy Panting/Excessive or Altered Breathing

If your dog is breathing heavily without being active, it may be a sign they are in pain. Altered breathing in any way can also be a sign. If they are breathing faster, slower, shallower, etc.

3. Loss of Appetite

Dogs tend to eat whenever they can. They’ll eat even if they aren’t hungry. So, if you dog is suddenly NOT eating, it may be a very clear sign that they are in pain.


4. Aggression/Withdrawn

A dog in pain may lash out. Try to imagine being in pain and not being able to do anything about it, you’d likely be pretty peeved. You may even lash out at someone trying to help. Your dog may do the same. On the other end of things, a dog in pain may try to distance themselves and try to recover in solitude.

5. General Changes in Behavior

Your dog may not want to play like they usually do. They may not want to go for that daily walk or climb up the stairs to sleep in your bedroom. A dog in pain will typically lay flat on its side instead of curled up. They may relieve themselves in the house. All of these little changes could be a sign that your dog is in pain.


Without your dog being able to tell you directly that they are in pain, these 5 signs may be a helpful guideline. As always, if you suspect your dog is ill or in pain, please seek a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Josiah Young
Josiah Young


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