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This Tiny Dog Was Forgotten In A Puppy Mill For 6 Months, But Now He's Learning To Be Loved

Meet Jerry, a two year old chihuahua and Chinese crested mix, who now lives with his fur-brother Harry, a five year old chihuahua, in a loving home with Meg McLean and Colin Laforge of Toronto, Ontario. 

Jerry, who is new to the family, was a recent rescue. Meg found him online while browsing through a rescue site. The couple thought he was too cute to pass up, so they went to meet him. When they arrived the lady at the rescue told them he was from a puppy mill and the people who bred him had told her they'd forgotten they had him. He had lived locked in a crate for six months, lonely, unloved and was completely emaciated -- skin and bones. His little body was covered in acne from living in filth and he was afraid of everything.


At first he wouldn't let them touch him and kept his tail so tucked between his legs they initially thought he had something wrong with his spine. After a month of the couple rehabilitating him with care and love, he finally started to play and become more trusting and independent.


Now, slowly, everyday he does something different as he gets used to his new life with this loving family. His most recent way of opening up is to offer a lick of affection every once in a while. His new mom says Jerry is a pure and innocent soul through and through, that loves to play catch and is the most forgiving dog they have ever met.


Jerry's brother Henry, who the couple have had longer, was purchased from a breeder after he was returned by another family. He was their last pup and they had decided to retire from the dog breeding business so little Henry was the last of the lot.


Meg describes Henry as being super chill: "I joke that he's Bob Marley reincarnated. He never barks, sleeps all day, and loves snacks."


As you can probably tell, from the many photos of him sleeping, Henry loves to snuggle. 


Make sure you follow their adorable adventures on Instagram @kinghenry_alexander, so you can keep up with Jerry's rehabilitation story and watch him blossom into an outgoing rescue pup with the help of his parents and his brother Henry.

Callianne Bachman
Callianne Bachman


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