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15 Powerful Lessons You Can Learn From A Special Needs Dog


We have so much to learn from our furry companions and even more so from the one's facing incredible challenges. We often forget that there are thousands of dogs out there living with physical and mental disabilities. And, like people, they have to overcome daily struggles. 

If you are fortunate enough to know or have known a dog with special needs, you may have learned a few of these inspiring lessons. 

Here are 15 of the most powerful lessons you can learn from a special needs dog. 

1. Face adversity

Dogs with special needs, much like people, have to face difficult challenges on a day to day basis. Seemingly simple tasks, like walking up and down stairs, become a struggle. Special needs dogs must face adversity and overcome obstacles constantly to live their lives. 

Learning how to stand up against your daily struggles is a valuable life lesson. 

2. Overcome your fears

Life is scary for dogs, let alone special needs dogs. The world is full of loud noises, dangerous people and animals, and other threatening aspects that even the bravest of dogs are afraid of. Dogs with special needs have to muster the courage and strength to overcome their fears in order to survive. 

3. Be who you are

Dogs are the perfect example of "love yourself!" If only we could all be so confident. Dogs don't pretend to be something they're not, especially dogs with special needs! They know how to live their life, regardless of what others think. 

4. Love yourself and others

Not only do dogs love themselves, but they love others. We can learn a lot from dogs with special needs, who have enough room in their hearts for the people and animals who care about them. 

5. Be forgiving

Dogs aren't the type to hold grudges. If you accidentally step on them or say something hurtful, a heartfelt apology is all it takes to make things right. Dogs with special needs are no different. They forgive us for our mistakes and wrong-doings, and live life without anger or resentment. 

6. Accept a challenge

Everything is a challenge for a special needs dog, and they aren't ones to turn down a good fight. Dogs with special needs will do whatever it takes to overcome anything standing in their way. 

7. Don't judge a book by its cover

Cliche, we know! But totally true. 

Though dogs with special needs may look less capable, they are tough as nails, and sweeter than ever. You may be intimidated by their headgear or wheels, but try not to forget that they are just fuzzy puppies too!

8. Tomorrow is a new day

Sometimes days won't go as planned, and that's alright. There's always hope for a brighter tomorrow. 

9. You'll only grow stronger from this

We all have bad days, and special needs dogs are no exception. They will have days where they are too sore to get out of bed or climb the stairs, but they grow stronger with every experience. They take negative situations and turn them into life lessons. 

10. Everything is a lesson 

Good or bad, we are all learning. Every experience in our lives is a lesson of some sort. Dogs with special needs are constantly developing themselves and their skills. Whether it be simple things like jumping over a curb, or learning how to feel their way around the world, special needs dogs are constantly bettering themselves. 

11. You are beautiful

And don't you forget it!

Dogs with special needs know how cute they are, and use it to their advantage. Who isn't a sucker for three legged dogs? They're just so damn cute!

Specials needs dogs strut, or roll, their stuff no matter what anyone else thinks. They are adorable, and no one can say otherwise. 

12. There are good people in the world

Many dogs with special needs have become disabled due to human abuse. This is a very sad reality we as animal lovers have all come to learn. Humans aren't always the nicest, but that doesn't mean we are all bad. 

Special needs dogs learn and display the greatest level of forgiveness and bravery by interacting with humans, after suffering abuse. The biggest step is learning how to trust again. 

13. Make it work

We all have to "make it work" and deal with life as it's handed to us. This might mean learning how to be crafty. There's always a way to get what you need done, and special needs dogs know better than anyone how to get around.  

14. Share your wisdom

Sharing your experiences with others, positive and negative, help them navigate situations in their own lives. You may have discovered a solution they hadn't thought of, or desperately needed. Though dogs can't speak english -that we know of- they can teach us through body language and demonstration how to live life. 

15. Smile!

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