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8 Things You'll Learn Throughought Your Dog's Life

There are a million and one things we can learn from our furry friends. They are our greatest teachers, and our favorite role models. 

From living each day like it's your last, to loving someone unconditionally, here are 8 things you'll learn throughout your dog's life!

1. How To Seize Each Moment

The most important thing you will learn from your dog is how to take advantage of every moment. Dogs really do "seize the day", and we can only hope that part of them wears off on us. 

When a dog wants something, he goes for it! Regardless of what mom says, he is rolling in that pile of dirt. 

2. How To Find Joy In The Little Things

Dogs appreciate the little things in life that we usually overlook. Things like scraps of food falling on the floor, and puddles of water on the pathway, are little pieces of heaven for dogs. Seeing them so happy over the simple stuff puts a smile on our faces that we can't help but be thankful for. 

3. How To Live A Care-Free Life

Dogs are the most care-free animals on the planet. They don't have to be up early for work, or do their homework, or pay bills. They even have personal servants that feed them when they are hungry and bathe them when they smell. Dogs truly have the greatest life possible.

Without a care in the world, dogs are the best role models for those who wish to worry less.

4. How To Trust Whole-Heartedly

Your dog loves and trusts you. He has from the moment you first met, and he always will. It's the kind of trust that teaches us that there are decent creatures on this planet. Though it may be difficult to warm up to others, take a page out of your dog's book and open up a little. 

5. How To Be A Good Friend

Dogs are man's best friend and the most loyal companions we could ask for. So great that we almost don't deserve them. Your dog will always be there for you for moral support. He also won't judge you harshly for your decisions in life. As long as you treat him well, he'll stand by your side through anything. 

6. How To Be Happy

If you've ever seen an unhappy dog, then you've felt true heartache. It takes a lot to make a dog unhappy. 

Dogs are possibly one of the happiest creatures in the world, and they show it with pride. With tongues hanging out of their mouths, dogs wear their happiness for the whole world to see. Even if you are having a bad day yourself, a happy dog can solve that problem with ease. They have a special talent for cheering us up!

7. How To Love Unconditionally 

There's no love like a dog's love. As we've said before, dogs are our truest friends in life. They love us whole-heartedly, and only wish to see us happy. Your dog will love you throughout his entire life, which can't always be said for people. 

"They may only be around for a part of our lives, but to them we are their whole life."

8. How To Say Goodbye

There's no greater pain than saying goodbye to your best friend. The love and friendship you share with your dog will never be replaced. The only bad thing about dogs is that they do not live nearly long enough. It's not fair, but death will be a part of your relationship with your dog.

They teach us that, whether you are together in life or in spirit, the love of a friend will never vanish.  


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Alyssa Castle
Alyssa Castle


Alyssa Lynn Castle is a certified crazy dog lady, who spends most of her days exploring with her two fur kids. She is a bully breed advocate, and a firm believer in the phrase "Adopt! Don't Shop." You can check out photos of her adorable pups and their adventures on their Instagram account @mortthepitbull

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May 12, 2016

Yes I have lost 2 of my babies dogs recently. I have been left broken hearted and I have no will to carry on. My heart is shattered. I love you so much Little Laura and Sussa.

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