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The 5 Different Types Of Dog Fur And What You Should Know

If you're a dog owner or lover, you have probably found yourself covered in dog hair at some point. But did you know that each breed has different fur types and therefore needs? We're here to break down the differences so that you know what's in store for grooming your furry friend. 

1. Smooth Coat 
Dogs who are smooth-coated do not need to be groomed often, but their hair should be tended to regularly. The focus here should be on quality when it comes to bathes and brushing. Breeds with this type of fur, such as the bull terrier and the dachshund.

2. Double Coat
A dog with a double coat will need a little more love and care. These dogs may have short or long hair. A slicker brush with a wide-toothed comb should be used. Breeds with this type of coat include the Rottweiler, chow chow, and border collie.

3. Wire Coat
Wire coats require consistent grooming and can be more susceptibly to matts and tangles. Terrier dogs are the most popular category who have this type of coat.

4. Long Coat
A dog with a long coat may require more attention than others, but don't be scared. You will find a grooming regimen that suits you and your dog. First, find out if they coarse or silky coat. From there, determine the type of brush to get and you'll definitely need a detangling shampoo. Breeds with this type of coat are Yorkshire terrier, Maltese and Lhasa apso.

5. Curly Coat
Dogs with a curly or wavy coat, have thick and soft curls close to the body. This type of coat requires a require a soft slicker brush for grooming and extra care. Breeds with this type of coat are the poodle and bichon frise. 

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