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6 Sure-Fire Ways To Give Your Dog Anxiety

There are many ways that you could be giving your dog anxiety without even knowing it.  We have compiled a list of unwanted behaviors that are a surefire way to build up your dog's anxiety:

1. Leaving them alone for extended periods of time
A common problem amongst breeds (including the German shepherd, Labrador retriever, border collie, etc.) is separation anxiety. Don't leave your pooch for long periods of time without checking in.

2. Loud noises 
Although it may seem simple, but try to minimize the amount of noise pollution surrounding your pup. This means, don't take them out to see the fireworks or the local air show, if at all possible. 

3. On the road again... 
So the thought of travelling may be fun and exciting to you, but for some dogs - it may be super anxiety filled. Dogs are used to being able to walk/move and can become very stressed over something new or unexpected like a road trip or a new destination. 

4. No-one puts Baby in the corner... 
If and when crated, some dogs can experience confinement anxiety. This feeling can make dogs act anxious and try to flee or escape the room. Try to work on desensitization exercises that make the crate a safe space for your pup. 

5. Know your audience
While it may seem fun for you, know your audience. Dogs who have been forced into unfamiliar and frightening experiences then to suffer more from fear and anxiety problems. Perhaps taking them to a crowded sports game or a food festival might not be the best choice. 

6. Social butterfly
It is important to socialize and give your dog the environmental exposure that they need in the first 14 weeks of their life. While this seems like common knowledge and/or practise, for those dogs that don't, they become habitually fearful of everyone and everything.

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