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How Getting a Dog Can Totally Stress Out Your Relationship

You’ve taken the plunge and adopted a dog with your partner. It is all sunshine and rainbows at first. You have an adorable new family member and all the cuddles you can handle. You and your partner are sharing the love and responsibility.

It CAN stay this way. Sadly, though, it often does not. The main reason getting a dog can totally stress out your relationship is that deep down one of you didn’t really want to adopt the dog.

Deep down, one of you didn’t want to give up your nights out or weekends away. One of you didn’t want to have to go for walks at 3 AM in the rain. One of you didn’t want to have to leave the party early to let the dog out. One of you just wasn’t a dog person. Maybe one of you THOUGHT you were a dog person, but you didn’t really understand the magnitude of the responsibility.

It is because of this that the other person has now had to take on the entirety of care for the dog. That person stays home and makes sure the dog is fed and bathed and walked and loved while the other continues to enjoy their life outside of dog ownership.

Resentment kicks in. Once resentment kicks in, the stress on your relationship begins to take its toll.

Maybe you’ll pull through. Maybe the one person who isn’t pulling their weight will begin to. I can’t stress enough that communication is key. Talk with your partner if you feel like you are doing all of the work. Ask them for help.

You can avoid all of this by not adopting a dog until you are absolutely certain that both of you are ready. You will be happier and when you ARE ready, your dog will be happier.

Josiah Young
Josiah Young


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