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I Don't Believe In Soul Mates, But I Do Believe In Dogs

The traditional conventions of love and monogamy were lost so many years ago, we couldn't even attempt to salvage them. Even if the cheaters and the liars of the world all suddenly vanished, we would have tainted the word "love" in too many ways to recover. This is a very sad, but true realization many young people are coming to. 

Which is why I do not believe in "soul mates," or fairytales. 

But I do believe in dogs. 

Dogs are the simplest, most pure form of love known to man. Dogs love us unconditionally, despite their past, current situations, or the inevitable fact that their relationship with us will only last a short while in the grand scheme of our lives. 

Dogs do not care if you spend all day in bed, or if you watch Netflix for ten consecutive hours. They pass no judgement on our lives, or our decisions on how to live them.

In truth, we don't deserve dogs. We probably never will. 

When you are sad, your dog's first instinct is to comfort you. Maybe that means he will bring you a toy, lick your tears away, or simply snuggle in close. His main purpose in life is to make you happy, and he feels like he's failed you somehow. He'll do whatever he can to make you smile again. Dogs are called man's best friend for a reason. 

When you think about your future, you might imagine the love of your life, a fancy car, or a big house. Think a little harder.

Who's going to be there rooting for you from the sidelines? Your dog. 

Who will be there for you when the "love of your life" breaks your heart, the car gets old, or the house becomes too small? Your dog. 

And who will snuggle you when you're sick, keep your toes warm in bed, or eat the leftovers you really don't want to eat? That's right, your dog. 

Your dog lives his life for YOU.

Dogs are selfless, kind, and fuzzy. Dogs are capable of brightening even our darkest days with one look. They possess the power to create greatness from every moment, and they teach us the true meaning of togetherness. Dogs are special in every way, and we must cherish the short time they have on this earth.

A famous quote by Roger Caras sums these thoughts up perfectly:


"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." 


So, you may ask me what my thoughts are on true love, and I'll be honest with you. I'll tell you that love sucks, is overrated, and often used as a marketing ploy for movies and consumer-based products. I'll tell you that, even though I am happily partnered with an amazing person in life, I do not believe in the conventions of romance or monogamy. I do not believe that there is a "special someone" for everyone, or that you should only have one love in your life. 

I do not believe in soul mates. 

But I do believe in dogs. 


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