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How To Get Over Your Ex's Dog

When you and your partner split up, there might be a lot more to divide than just assets. The other things to consider might be your canine friend. At the beginning of your relationship, you were all one, big happy family. But what do you do when a break up happens and the struggle ensues for your pup. 

Don't fret World of Angus readers, we've got some tips and handy suggestions for you on how to not only deal with this split but also how to handle this in an emotionally mature way!

A bond may have been built between you and your furry friend, so it's important that you and your ex can look past whatever difference you're having and potentially see if visitation can be made. This is important because upheaval and dramatic changes in a dog's life can have longterm effects. Having a dog is almost like having a child, so it's OK to get emotional!

With that being said - throughout the entire break-up, try to remain calm and be civil. It can be hard but for the mental health of your pup try to keep any stressful situations you and your ex may encounter away from your furry friend. They can always sense and pick up on what's going on and you don't want to pass that off to them. Besides, using the dog in an emotional tug of war will get no one anywhere. 

Finally try to remember that one of you may be better suited to owning your dog full-time for a multitude of reasons. This could be for financial reasons, or lifestyle reasons. So if your new life doesn't sync up with taking care of a pooch full-time, don't be mad or upset just tell yourself 'maybe I'm not the best pup parent right now'. This could change later but also, don't feel like this means you aren't able to schedule visitation with your old dog.

This is an emotional time for all but remember to use time and patience to get through, especially when your best friend is involved!


Ama Scriver
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