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The Reason Why Dogs Tilt Their Head Will Melt Your Heart

There is a reason why they call it puppy love. Because when they stare up at you with those big eyes combined with the tilt of their head, you can't help but fall in love.  

But if you're like us here at World of Angus (always asking questions) then you've probably wondered why dogs are always tilting their heads.  Are they wondering what we're saying to them? Are they trying to tell us something? We set out to find out the reason and came across some extra adorable answers.

Thanks to this article on Psychology Today, one of the reasons they listed was due to vision. According to Stanley Coren, who conducted the survey on the site, 'dogs tilt their heads so they can see facial features better, as their muzzle blocks out the lower half.'

In another article found via MNN this study shows that dogs tilt their head to display to their owners that they are listening. The muscles of a dog's middle ear are controlled by a part of the brain that is responsible for facial and head movements. 

One another thing that we know is that dogs often mimic the behavior of their owners to showcase their love and affection. If it's yawning, rubbing their eyes or tilting their head - we have a tendency to respond to the behavior with positive reinforcement.

If your dog frequently tilts his head, know that you have raised a very empathetic and awesome dog. What are some other reasons you've seen dogs tilt their head? Comment below and share them with us. 

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Ama Scriver
Ama Scriver


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May 10, 2016

I would like too know what kind of dog is in the last picture? It looks exactly like my rescue, and we have no clue what she is.

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