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The One Thing Puppy Parent Couples Need to Know

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There is no secret to raising a dog. Throughout your dog-parenting life, you will learn that there are a million and one right and wrong ways to train your pup, much like having a child. Every dog trainer in the world believes that they have discovered "the secret," but in reality they are all right. Every dog learns differently. So, the key to raising a healthy and happy dog truly has nothing to do with the dog himself, but the people who raise him. 

The one thing puppy parent couples need to know is that, from the moment you bring your dog home, you are a team. 

Both you and your partner have an equal hand in raising your dog. Despite what people may say about dogs needing one alpha, what they need even more so is stability and consistency. If you and your partner are thinking about raising a dog, you will have to learn to agree on techniques before introducing them to your puppy. 

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You will become one parental unit, exactly like you would with a human child. You will have to learn to reconcile your differences, and work together on consistent and clear guidelines for your dog. Sounds easy, right?

Unfortunately, a lot of couples fail to grasp this concept, resulting in a confused pooch. If your dog doesn't have rules and regulations to follow, there is a very high possibility that he will resort to animalistic urges, which can potentially be dangerous to himself and others. Dogs have no "moral compass," and have to be taught the differences between right and wrong. You do not want an unstable dog roaming around your neighborhood.

You owe it to your dog to give him the best life possible, which means putting in the time and effort to train him properly together

What puppy parent couples need to remember is that this is a difficult, but rewarding task. You will have days where you don't agree with each other. Take a minute to chat on the sidelines until you've come to a full agreement on the situation. Seek help from professionals, friends, or family members for help if you are struggling with a certain concept. The most common arguments among pet parent couples revolve around crate training, nutrition, and socialization. 

Fortunately for pet parents, there are thousands of online forums, written by professionals and other experienced people, offering advice on training and nutrition. You and your partner can find solutions to just about anything online, and you'll find yourselves Googling the majority of your questions. Your vet will also become your closest comrade in battling the health related hiccups of puppyhood.  

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You have a long road ahead of you, filled with good days and bad. As long as you work together, and have your dog's best interest in mind, you will make wonderful parents. 


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