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8 Things To Do With Your Dog When You Hate Everything Else

When you're feeling down about the world, there's no one better to sulk with than your furry friend. He'll listen to your problems without interruption and even jump on the hate-wagon with you. He's your buddy, after all. 

If you're looking for a good way to distract yourself from the miseries of life, check out these 8 Things To Do With Your Dog When You Hate Everything Else. 

1. Ignore the World

Haters gonna hate! So, put on your shades and look the other way. 

The world's kind of dull anyway. Why not shut the blinds, lock the door, and build yourself a blanket fort in the living room?

Even your fur-baby will appreciate the day off. 

Being social is hard. So, don't. 

2. Netflix and Chill

This one's plain and simple. I'm sure we all understand the joys of sitting in our pyjamas all day, binge watching magically awful TV shows on Netflix. 

There's nothing wrong with hiding out for a bit, and your doggy will love some one on one time with his best friend. 

We suggest finding a show that has more than a few seasons available, for the ultimate binge watching experience. 

Don't forget the snacks!

3. Outdoor Adventure

If hanging out inside isn't your thing, try going for a hike.

Drive to a secluded location, and let your feet take you far, far away from your problems. You probably needed some fresh air to clear your mind anyway! 

Pups love the great outdoors and make excellent hiking buddies. So many things to sniff, trees to pee on, and dirt to roll in!

Bring some trail mix, or even a picnic, and enjoy the tranquility of nature. 

4. Beach Day

Who doesn't love the beach? 

If you are fortunate enough to live near a dog beach, you can appreciate the beauty of sitting back, relaxing, and watching your dog run around like a maniac. Nothing cheers you up more than watching him bite the water, jump around with other dogs, and chew on sticks. 

The best part about the dog beach, is that you don't actually have to interact with anyone if you don't want to. Most pet parents are too awkward to pry or push conversations. 

Put in some ear buds (without music of course) and walk along the beach, while your dog has the time of his life. 

5. Window Shopping

Being broke is a natural part of life. Young adults everywhere understand that "the struggle is real." But that shouldn't stop you from acting fabulous!

Dress up in your fanciest clothes, find a classy collar for Fido, and take him for a stroll downtown. Window shopping is like real shopping, without the gut wrenching guilt you feel after slapping that MasterCard down on the counter. You don't actually get to bring anything home, but you can still pretend. Right? 

Keep your chin up, and strut your stuff as you turn heads of curious onlookers. 

Work it, girl!

6. Road Trip

"This town sucks," you huff as you pack your bags. You needed a vacation anyway. Even a day trip could help get you out of your funk. And, who better to travel with than your best friend? 

The internet is a fantastic resource for directionally challenged folk. So, Google some cool things to check out in neighbouring towns, and take off for a bit.

A change of scenery might be nice for your pup as well. He's been sniffing the same tree for two months now. 

Crank the tunes, and enjoy!

7. Leisurely Stroll

Hiking, road trips, and going to the beach sound a little too adventurous for you, but you don't want to stay inside on this lovely day. We suggest a nice, slow paced walk for you and the pooch. 

Leisurely strolls are the perfect way to escape the world, without having to actually escape. An easy walk can help take your mind off the daily struggle, and force you to get some form of exercise. 

Grab a coffee and take a walk through your city. Look around with fresh eyes and an open mind. You may even smile!

8. Snuggle

If all else fails, crawl back into bed and snuggle the pup out of your pooch. 

It's proven that snuggling helps relieve depression and anxiety. So, embrace every moment you have with your dog, and snuggle each other until you fall asleep.

Or at least until he decides the floor is WAY more comfortable and abandons you, like everyone else. 

Thanks, Pal. 

Alyssa Castle
Alyssa Castle


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