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Home Is Where The Dog Lives

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Maybe it's the smell of kibble, the fur in your coffee, or the muddy paws on your floor. It could also be the feeling of being needed, having someone depend on you, or the warmth on your bed. Whatever it may be, you know one thing for sure, your house is not a home without your dog.

Home is where the dog lives. Home is where you go to snuggle, to make memories, and to ignore the world together. You do everything with your dog while you're at home, whether you like it or not. 

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He follows you to the living room, the bedroom, even the bathroom. He's your furry companion, your partner in crime, your best friend. He fights the monsters in your closet, and stays close when you fear the dark. It's undeniable that your home would be different without your dog. 

How could we even imagine?! 

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There's a reason why 40% of Canadian households have a dog. They teach us how to live each day to the fullest, and to live life without worry. They know the key to happiness is to sleep and eat as much as possible, and fart like no one's watching. Dogs are the purest form of bliss, condensed into furry little bodies, put on this earth to teach humans love and compassion. 

Dogs are simply the greatest.

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When you visit a house without a dog, you feel as though there's something missing. Sure, the carpet is clean and the food is hair-free, but the windows are void of "nose art." You'll feel a touch of emptiness when you look at the couch and see that there's no "dog spot," no toys scattered around the floor, no crumpled bed sheets. 

Once you've had a dog in your house, everywhere else feels a little less homey, and you start to wonder how you ever lived without your pup. How do people sleep at night without a dog in their bed?

So, if you know someone, who hasn't discovered this special secret, let them know that they don't need a new coat of paint, or a leather sofa. What they really need to feel at home is a dog. 

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