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What To Do After Your Dog Has Passed Away

Whenever a pet dies it is never easy. Your dog can be your best friend and even more so, a family member. It's never an easy thing to manage, but people do so in their own ways. 

These next few days, weeks or even months - you're going to have a lot of feels ranging from sad to angry to confused - these emotions are 100 percent normal. Take your time to process those emotions, you may not have realized how much loosing a pet would affect you. Regardless, do not look back at the situation with anger or guilt. Know that you did everything in your power while your pet was still alive and that you should find support from friends and family members who understand the feelings you're having and want to help.

Everyone has to deal with grief sometime, and most people work through it in their own way. If you do not have a friend or family member available to you, find someone whom you feel confident in sharing your grief with, be it a professional counsellor, therapist, or co-worker. Share memories of your dog online or in a new project (like an art undertaking or a knitting job). Work on something creative to share your love and passion surrounding the furry friend who has just left your life. 

Remember - you're never going to forget your pet and while this time may be a bit painful, time heals all wounds. If and when the time comes, you may even find yourself ready to open your home to a new pet in need of a loving family.

Ama Scriver
Ama Scriver


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