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The Difference Between Having A Puppy, an Adult Dog, and a Senior Dog

OK, so you want to get a dog.  That's great news - but now the next choice is making the decision between a puppy, an adult dog and a senior dog.  We've come up with some great tips and some pointers that will help you decide and tell the difference between the three:

1. Puppies

So you may have guessed it but puppies are A LOT of work.  In order for their body to properly develop and for them to be trained properly, they need to properly fed, exercised and socialize with other people and animals.  

As they grow up, puppies have been known to be a bit on the destructive side, making all kinds of messes and chewing through things.  However, it's not all negative! They’re funny and cute and well, they are just like babies - growing up into something more.

windy puppy

2. Adult Dogs
When you adopt an adult dog, you have a pretty good idea what you’re getting.  Now there are things to consider when adopting: will you take on a dog from a rescue or foster home?  Will you adopt an adult dog with health issues?

These are all things that can change the basic temperament and true personality of the dog you're adopting but for the most part, an adult dog will select a behaviorally sound dog who will improve and blossom once settled into your loving home. 


3. Senior Dogs
While most senior dogs are amazingly adaptable, much like an adult dog, they need a bit more time to adapt and they need more quiet time.  Once you've brought them into your home, your senior dog will want to spend a lot of time getting to know you and your household.  

If your senior dog is coming from a shelter, this is a high anxiety place, so remember to provide your senior dog lots of space and time to sleep, relax and feel comfortable.  You need to help transition them into feeling like  your home is a safe space for them.

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