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5 Things You Should Never Change About Your Dog

It may be hard to believe but there are hundreds of dog breeds in the world, each with their very own temperament, personality, and unique look. When you make the decision to get a dog, there is a lot of training and love that goes into those first few months. But there are also some things that as a loving dog owner, you must remember to take into consideration that your dog just can't change.

1. No two breeds are alike
As mentioned above, no two breeds are alike and therefore each individual dog will be different from one another. Just because you saw your friend's dog acting and behaving in a certain manner, does not mean that your dog will be the same way. Try to do as much research on the breed that you decide on and get to know your breeds quirks, temperament and personality traits.

2. Training takes time
Although it seems like it should just happen over night, training takes time. But beyond that, dogs are complex animals who require a great deal of love and attention. Sometimes owners believe that specific personality traits can be removed by training however sometimes objectionable behavior is in the eye of the beholder and rather a sign of frustration, boredom or anxiety on the pet's part. 

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3. It's not for them
So I get it - who doesn't love dress their animal up in clothes or little tiny costumes. I'm sure a lot of you do. Here's the thing: if your animal resists it - don't try to force it on them. Many dogs can get anxious, nervous, or fearful when you're trying to force something like this on them which in turn can cause anxious behavior like trembling, tail tucked, withdrawal, or even diarrhea.

4. Make room for Angus!
OK, so you made a promise to yourself that you were not going to let your dog sleep in the bed with you. But there is a stat that says nearly 45 percent of all dogs sleep in their owners beds. So while you may not want them there, why not just curl up and share the covers anyway. Besides, we hear they make great cuddle buddies!


5. Leader of the pack
Dogs are pack animals that come into the world that someone needs to be in charge. You need to establish that you are that person to them.  With that being said, do remember to socialize your dog with other dogs in an effort to make sure he plays nice with other. 

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