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5 Things That Secretly Put Weight On Your Dog

Has your dog has been packing on the pounds lately but you don't know why? There could be a few culprits in your everyday habits that you and your dog aren't even thinking of. Here are some foods that might be making weight loss difficult for your pup.

1. Low protein, high fat dog food

Take a look at the nutritional info on your dog's food. On average, your dog's diet should consist of between 15-30% protein and 10-25% fat - depending on it's breed, health requirements, and life stage. A high protein diet is great for weight loss and low fat is key in keeping off the pounds. Talk to your vet about what levels of protein and fat your dog should be eating.

2. Snacks

While your dog may love that little bit of cheese or peanut butter Kong they get every day, it could be contributing greatly to their weight gain.

Give snacks when your dog has earned them and not part of a daily routine. They will learn to appreciate them more that way anyway.

3. One big meal

You should feed your dog 2-4 small meals every day. The one big meal per day means that your dog's body learns to store as much fat as it can because its meals are so far apart. Rather than having your dog get all of its daily calories at once, feed it small meals a few times a day. This may also help if you have problems with begging, since your dog will have more food events of its own during the day.

4. Poor portion control

Even if you are feeding your dog all the right foods at all the right times, you need to make sure you are also feeding them the right amount. Talk to your vet about what is the right caloric intake for your dog’s breed.

5. Table scraps and spills

We all know this one is bad, but isn't it so nice to share what's on the table with your canine family member?

Plus the living vacuum cleaner can make cleaning up messes a snap.

Anna Wellman
Anna Wellman


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