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Why You Shouldn't Try To Duplicate Your Last Dog

When a pet passes away it can be hard to imagine life without them. Your pets become part of your family and nothing will ever change that. 

But each dog also has their own distinct personality. You wouldn't expect each new baby in a family to grow up to be the exact same person as their sibling, would you? And the kids have genetics on their side. 

A brand new dog is just that. Brand. New. If you get a puppy, their personality, energy levels and needs will be completely different from your last dog - especially if they were older. If you adopt and older dog, their life experiences have made them who they are. 

Getting the same breed of dog or trying to duplicate your exact training methods as your last dog will leave you disappointed and will not help your new pup find happiness in your home. 

It is so important that, when brining a new dog into the family, you respect them for who they are. Embrace their personality and let them be themselves. You will learn to love each other the same way you and your last dog did and you will both get to do it by being yourselves. 

You will both be happier for it.

Anna Wellman
Anna Wellman


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