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9 Workouts Doggy Parents Do Without Realizing It

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1. The Lift

We all know the face. It's that look that says, "mom, you will not and can not make me walk another step. I leave you with no choice, but to carry me."

Whether your dog is 5 lbs, 50 lbs, or 150 lbs, you will be forced to carry him as long as his little heart desires. At least you didn't have to skip arm day!

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2. Reach and Grab

The reach and grab is a workout most commonly known by parents who frequent dog parks. A casual doggy interaction can turn sour in a matter of seconds. So, you have to be prepared to snag your dog out of a bad situation before it gets worse. 

This maneuver is much easier for parents of larger dogs, who can be grabbed by the back of the collar without having to bend down. Small dog parents get a little extra leg workout in the process. 

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3. Mad Dash

You don't see it, but your dog does! And he's running full speed with no signs of stopping. You don't care what it is at this point; you just need him to stop. Conveniently, he's forgotten all of his recall training, and you have to chase him, regardless of the shoes you are wearing or the physical shape you're in. 

Thanks, pal. 

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4. Lunge and Scoop

Most dogs will experience the wonderful world of poop eating at some point in their lives. You pray that it won't linger into adulthood, but some parents aren't so fortunate. These doggy moms and dads have become masters of the lunge and scoop. 

Keep handy dandy poop bag holders attached to your leash for an optimal lunge and scoop helper. With one simple tug, you'll have a bag ready to go in no time. 

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5. Ball Toss

This one is obvious, but not always remembered when parents consider the workouts they do on a daily basis. Throwing a ball can be easier if you own a ChuckIt!, but you still have to put in a decent amount of effort to launch them across the park. Not to mention retrieving the ball when your dog decides he's sick of fetch. 

This exercise is great for arm muscle development and throwing your shoulder out. 

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6. Juggling

Ok, so maybe having a dog isn't as challenging as having human children, but that doesn't mean the tasks aren't similar. On most days, dog parents feel like that mom in the grocery store, with two kids pulling on each arm and one attached to the leg. They're grabbing things off shelves and digging through her purse, while she's trying desperately not to drop her shopping basket.

Juggling is an art-form and we can confidently say pet parents have it mastered! With leashes, doggy bags, toys, and anything else that can possibly fit in your arms, doggy moms understand the daily struggle. 

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7. Grapevine

Grapevine is the one skill dog parents will never master. Every single dog mom and dad is guaranteed to fall flat on their face at some point. The best we can do is attempt to bend our legs in a way that stops the dogs from taking us out at the knees. 

If you have multiple dogs, you'll understand the effort it takes to avoid tripping over your mangy mutts. 

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8. JUMP!

Sometimes, you just don't have the few seconds needed to execute a perfect grapevine. This calls for a standard jump! Luckily this move comes as second nature to most people, but be sure to lift your knees.

Dogs are masters of pulling a solid derp last second and tripping you anyway. But we like to give our readers a little hope. 

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9. Weight Pull

Whether you're being pulled or pulling back, you're working practically every muscle in your body. Yes, every muscle. This is the most common exercise pet parents practise, and it's not usually celebrated. 

Try to plant a firm foot on the ground behind you and hold on for dear life. 

There you have it! The top 9 workouts doggy parents do without realizing it. 

Who needs the gym?


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