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8 Tiny Things You Can Do To Make Life Awesome For Your Dog

We love our dogs to the moon and back, but sometimes the life of a dog can feel too routine, especially when the weather gets cold or rainy.

Here are some small ways to make your dogs life a little more fun!

1. Weather Appropriate

Whether it's cold outside or incredibly hot, making sure your dog has a sweater.


2. Treats

Change up your dog's treat regime. Always give peanut butter treats? Try giving your dog something tasty and unusual for them like dried beef lung

3. Food

If your dog has good stomach, consider accenting their meal with a little sweet potato or squash. Not only is it delicious for your dog but it adds extra omega-fatty-acids that are great for your dog's coat and joints.

4. Celebrate 

Celebrate holidays with your dog. Whether it's Valentine's Day, New Years, or your dog's birthday, a little celebration is fun for your dog!

5. Adventure

Dogs are used to walking the same streets and running around in the same backyards. Change it up and surprise your dog with a new route to walk or take them to a park they've never been before.


6. Tricks

Teach them something new and practice that trick everyday. Dogs love learning and engaging with their owners. Five minutes before dinner will mean all the world to your dog!

7. Toys

Play a game with your dog to keep them engaged during the day. Throw a Jax & Bones Karma Toy in the freezer then hide it in a safe place for your dog find. You can also hide treats around the house for them to sniff out!

8. Extra Love

People get busy day to day and sometimes don't always give their dogs the TLC they deserve. Set aside a little extra time for your dog. Brushing or massaging your dog is relaxing for them and will also alert you to any new growths or skin issues they might be having. Win, win!



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