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Can My Dog Eat That?

You've brought your new puppy home, and he keeps begging for snacks. You know the typical "no goes" like chocolate, but there are quite a few more doggy poisons out there.

At World of Angus, we want to help you feel safe and confident about treating your pup. So we've located this quick and easy to read guide of foods that may or may not be harmful to your pooch.

Go forth and snack, friends!


1. Here Pup 2. Here Pup

Alyssa Castle
Alyssa Castle


Alyssa Lynn Castle is a certified crazy dog lady, who spends most of her days exploring with her two fur kids. She is a bully breed advocate, and a firm believer in the phrase "Adopt! Don't Shop." You can check out photos of her adorable pups and their adventures on their Instagram account @mortthepitbull

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Elsabe Meiring
Elsabe Meiring

October 08, 2016

Why can a dog not eat so much popcorn?

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