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10 Arguments Even the Happiest Pet Parents Have

1. Dog Breeds

The first argument pet parents will ever experience starts before the puppy even comes home. Which dog breed is right for you? If you are a rescue nut, then you might choose the mangiest mutt in the shelter, or come across some sad eyes on a rescue site and immediately fall in love. Other parents might prefer purebred dogs of show quality and standard. Getting on the same page with your partner from the beginning is important, especially when it comes to choosing your new fur baby. 

2. Dog Names

If you are a little strange, like me, and enjoy old man names for dogs, then you might have something to debate with your partner. Traditional names like Charlie, Bella, Max, or Teddy can be sweet, but what about Mortimer, Howard, Dave, or Ernest? If you can't decide, compromise with a delicious name like Brew, Guinness, or Burger! 

3. Training 

A dog’s behaviour begins to shape from the moment they get home. Each parent will have a different idea of how your new fur friend should be raised. (Sounds like you brought home a human instead of a puppy, huh?) Different parenting styles can mesh well, as long as the puppy receives clear and consistent instructions. 

4. Nutrition

Nutrition is a vital part of a pup’s life, and can be a large debate between parents. Once food allergies and sensitivities are out of the way, it becomes a challenge to decide which food is best for your baby. Some pet parents prefer to rotate flavours, while others like to keep the proteins consistent. Regardless, the most important thing is to make sure the puppy is happy and healthy. 

5. Taking the Dog Out

We all love our dogs equally, but sometimes that love means putting on our parka and trudging through the cold winter snow at 7a.m. If we are lucky, our beloved pet parent partner will come to the rescue, and allow us some much needed beauty sleep. Other times, not so much. 

6. Activities 

To dog park or not to dog park? This is the age old question. Some pet parents have caught on to the negative effects of off-leash dog parks, while others maintain that they are a great way to socialize your pup. While either can be true, it is best to ensure that both parents are on the same page. A healthy balance of free socialization and supervised one on one playtime is important for your fur baby’s development. 

7. Scheduling

There comes a time in every pet parent relationship, where plans have to be changed in order to accommodate “the kids.” Daycare’s closed, the puppy-sitter cancelled, or someone got into the garbage and has a bad case of fiery poops… This is the never ending cycle of pet parenthood. Who’s turn is it this time to skip the gym or miss a night out?

8. Dress-Up and Accessorizing

In a perfect world, your partner would let you pick all of your pups collars, leashes, T-shirts, booties, etc. But, unfortunately, most pet parent partners want an equal say in how their dog will be dressed. This can be an issue when it comes to colour coordinating collars and leads with your everyday attire. Black and brown leather are usually a safe option that will keep both dog moms and dads happy!

9. Spending Money (Spoiling Your Dog)

If you love to see the look in your dog’s eyes when they realize you’ve brought home a new toy or treat, you may tend to go a little overboard at the pet store. Some pet parents don’t believe in spending money on their pups, so this can be an issue when it comes to the monthly budget. Spoiling your pup is like spoiling your kids, and should be done in moderation, but there’s no harm in an extra biscuit here or there. 

10. Clean-Up

Dogs are messy! They poop, pee, and track their muddy paw prints all through the house. Unlucky pet parents will also understand the “joys of happy-tail,” leaving the walls covered in blood splatters and brush strokes. Taking turns seems to be the fair option here, but, depending on work schedules, one parent might end up doing the majority of the cleaning. 

At the end of the day, pet parents want what is best for their fur baby. Work together to find a routine that fits your lifestyle and keeps your pup happy and healthy. 


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Alyssa Castle


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