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Tips for Leaving Your Dog at Home Alone

Before you make the decision to get a dog, it’s important to take an honest look at how much time you will be able to dedicate to them. Every dog must learn to be home alone, but since dogs are social animals, you’ll want to minimize the amount of time they spend alone.

As we always say here at World of Angus, all dogs have their own personality and will therefore react to being home alone differently. There’s no breed that’s better than the other, and no age that’s easier than another. Every dog is different and it comes down to how you train them, how often they are left alone, and whether or not they can keep themselves busy while you’re away.

Every dog will be left alone at some point in their lives, so training them to be great at it is an extremely important task. Here are the top four things you must do to set your pup up for a successful time home alone.

1. Exercise

Before you leave them alone, do your best to tire them out. A tired dog is a happy dog. If you’re heading to work, take them for a nice walk first thing in the morning or a run in the dog park. Make sure they get a good run in so that they will be tired and perhaps need a nap when they get home.

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2. Keep them entertained

Get them lots of toys! The more they have to chew on and play with, the less likely they are to chew on your furniture or shoes. Our Jax & Bones rope toys are perfect for this! Dip them in water, and freeze them, they can provide extended entertainment that helps keep your pup cool during the hot summer months.

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3. Consider a dog walker

If you’re leaving your dog home alone for extended periods of time regularly, perhaps consider a dog walker. Dog walkers are professionals when it comes to entertaining your pup. Not only that, but keeping your dog socialized is great for their health. Ask your dog walker to regularly take your pup to the dog park during the day so they can run around and play with other dogs.

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4. Give them lots of love

When you are home, make sure that you’re always giving your pup lots of love. Dogs are a big commitment of time so before you make the decision it’s important to realize that when you’re home, they need to be loved, played with, trained, and cared for.

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Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Dogs are prone to separation anxiety. If they whine and get restless as you prepare to leave the house, they chew on doors or window frames while you’re away, or they won’t eat when you’re not home, your pup may be suffering from separation anxiety. If that’s the case, then you should talk to your vet about getting a professional’s help. Dogs with separation anxiety, when left alone can damage your house and hurt themselves. Talk to your vet sooner rather than later.

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