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How Memory Foam Can Change Your Dog's Life

Did you know that the average dog spends roughly 50% of his life sleeping? That means that your dog will spend almost half his life on his bed, or yours. Instead of fighting for leg room, give your best buddy the greatest gift of all!

Our memory foam Dog Bed is formulated to provide the best sleep possible for your pooch. What better way to compromise and reclaim your bed all at the same time? He's guaranteed to love it and your quality of sleep will be thanking us. 

Made from human grade memory foam, our Dog Bed reacts to your dog's natural body heat, softening and firming up in all the right places. This provides excellent comfort and support for your pooch, relieving both tension and stress. 


Our Dog Bed is perfect for pups of all ages, but older dogs will see a huge change in their quality of life after sleeping on one of these bad boys. 

Many dogs will experience difficulties sleeping as they age, due to common health problems like arthritis and joint pain. Arthritis is one of the largest causes of chronic pain in dogs, and can result in stiffness, limping, lethargy, and irritability. Joint pain is growing more popular in dogs, affecting over 30% all of household dogs. 

Our Dog Bed offers health benefits for aging dogs, including temperature regulation, breathable fabric, and daily pain relief. 

Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is imperative for battling chronic pains like arthritis. Ensuring that an elderly or arthritic dog is warm will decrease swelling in the joints, aiding in pain relief and flexibility. Our beds retain heat, keeping your pooch warm in the frigid winter months. 

Breathable Fabric

The reduction of pressure points in our mattress promotes healthy circulation, which decreases swelling and inflammation of the joints.  

Daily Pain Relief

The Dog Bed is supportive, comfortable, and guarantees a restful sleep for your dog. Our mattress helps decrease pain, and soothe body aches commonly seen in dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other muscle, bone, and joint problems. Healing chronic pain will ad years to your dog's life, and life to his years! 


Not only are our mattresses great for older dogs, but they support a healthy lifestyle for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages. 

Preventative Care

It's never too late to start fighting chronic pain. Even young, healthy pups can experience body aches, such as growing pains. Young, active dogs benefit greatly from the many features of our Dog Bed, including preventative care for joint pain. 

Natural Spine Alignment

The Dog Bed aids in ideal sleeping posture, keeping your dogs body weight evenly distributed. This helps naturally align your pups' spine for ultimate comfort and health. With 6" of memory foam, our mattress suits dogs of every size. 

Isolates and Minimizes Movement

Just like humans, lack of movement is crucial for a comfortable sleep for your dog. Our Dog Bed decreases movement by 90%, cradling your dog's natural curves. This will ensure that your dog sleeps soundly through the night, leaving him feeling well rested. 

Increased Cell Regeneration Capability

By reducing the displacement of pressure points, our Dog Bed even helps will cell regeneration for a speedy recovery.  

Allergy Friendly

The dense memory foam prevents the growth of dust mites and other allergens that can be found in a dog's bed!



Our Dog Bed is 6" of human grade, quality memory foam. The material is soft, durable, and energy absorbent, providing a seamless sleep for dogs of all sizes.

The sleek grey design with white top makes this bed the perfect addition to any home. Whether you live in upscale New York, or a country cottage, the Dog Bed will remain classy. 


For an extra comfort and style boost, you can also take home one of our many unique Bed Covers. Each one is tailored to suit your style. From designs like "Bed Time" to "dog bed on fleek," we have the cover for you. 

Our Bed Covers are made from a cotton, ploy-fleece blend, and are 100% machine washable for ultimate convenience! 


Check out the Dog Bed, and tons of other great products at World of Angus!


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