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This Common Herb Does Wonders For Your Dog's Coat And Skin

Rosemary is a common household cooking ingredient, but how much do you really know about it? And what can it do for your dog?

Few people know that rosemary not only smells and tastes great, but that it has many health benefits as well. 

Let's check them out!


Rosemary is rich in vitamin B6, potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, copper, and magnesium. This means that a little bit of rosemary can go a long way. Rosemary is also a strong antioxidant, and is found in many dog foods as a natural preservative.

Rosemary contains antimicrobial abilities and is a great pathogen-fighter. This means that rosemary helps fight fungi, and other harmful bacteria that may grow in kibble. Because of these abilities, rosemary also makes a great bacteria fighter for skin and eyes. 

Rosemary supports healthy hearts and digestion, fighting nasty gas dogs are famous for. A little rosemary added to your dog's food can help battle indigestion and other gastro intestinal issues. 



Like we said before, rosemary can help fight harmful skin bacteria, but it also has many other benefits for external use.

Rosemary is a great source of hydration for dogs with itchy or inflamed skin. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory, fighting redness and swelling. Rosemary is a great coat supporter, adding healthy shine to dog's fur when used in a shampoo. 

Rosemary makes a fantastic bug repellent as well, fighting off ticks, fleas, and other unwanted critters. Many pet parents use rosemary spray on themselves and their dogs while camping or hiking in wooded areas. 


For external use, the best way to take advantage of rosemary and it's incredible benefits is to use a rosemary based shampoo. We suggest trying our Rosemary Mint Dog Shampoo, available at World of Angus!

Our Rosemary Mint shampoo combines natural, organic, biodegradable ingredients, used to hydrate your dog's skin. Aloe, coconut, and olive oils are added to promote healthy skin and coat, while peppermint is used to leave your dog feeling cool and refreshed. This shampoo is perfect for dogs with sensitive skin, as well as pups just looking to feel fresh. 

The shampoo is also safe for the environment and use in natural waterways, like lakes and rivers, making it the ideal camping tool to keep your dog clean. 

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