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7 Types Of People That Have No Business Owning A Dog

With so many dogs in need of homes it is hard to imagine turning down potential owners. Unfortunately not everyone in this world is suited to house a dog. In fact, there are certain types of people who have absolutely no business owning a dog.

The following is a list of 7 types people that have no business owning a dog:

1. The 'Too Busy' Professional Type

We love that you are a hard-working, successful person, but often that success in the professional world takes its toll on your personal time. When you don’t have any personal time, you don’t have any dog time. You just aren’t available when your dog needs you to be. If you are too busy to walk your dog, play with your dog, train your dog, is it really even your dog?

2. The 'Dog as an Accessory' Type

We all know them. They only have a dog to complete a look. They have no real emotional connection to their pet. It might as well be another pair of shoes or sunglasses. In the same vein, the 'Dog as a Status Symbol' type has no real connection to their dog. They just want to own the most expensive dog they can.

3. The 'Travels All the Time' Type

Similar to the ’Too Busy’ professional type, the ‘Travels All the Time’ type just isn’t there when their dog needs them to be. If you are constantly leaving your dog with a sitter or in a kennel, it will take have a profound impact on him or her. 

4. The 'Fight Promoter' Type

This one really goes without saying. If you are someone who promotes dog fighting, you belong in prison. 

5. The 'Neglectful/Lazy' Type

You have a dog, but you’re not even sure why. You don’t want to play, take it for walks, or bother training it. You’d rather be on the couch watching TV.

6. The 'I Love My Things Too Much' Type

If your dog isn’t allowed in the house because you are worried about your white couch, maybe don’t have a dog at all.

7. The 'Impatient/Quick Tempered' Type

If you are an impatient or quick tempered person, please don’t have a dog. The risk of you losing your temper and hurting the dog is too great.

We want desperately to find homes for all dogs, but more importantly, we want to find the RIGHT homes. These types of people do not provide that.

Josiah Young
Josiah Young


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