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Twinsies! One Eyed Puppy Finds Human Soulmate

This adorable puppy, affectionately named Shiner, was the last of his litter. Overlooked by every potential owner because of one small flaw: he was born without his right eye. This minor cosmetic setback proved to be too much of an imperfection for most families… until he found his true forever home and was adopted by a man with the same impairment.

Jordan Trent has been blind in his left eye since he was a teen. 

“He was weed eating and a piece of metal flew in his eye but he didn’t know it. He went swimming in a pond which infected the eye pretty bad. He cannot see out of it now,” explained his sister, Reddit user kt2133, who posted the photos and story on the popular website back in January 2016.

After getting coverage online, the story was soon picked up by TV and print news as well, because who doesn't love a heartwarming puppy story?

He was otherwise an ordinary family man, married with two kids, until a fateful shopping trip led his children to discover the unique pup, who Jordan immediately fell in love with. 

The kids saw Shiner, last of his litter and available for adoption. They were excited that the pup had only one eye just like their dad, “Dad we found a dog who’s blind in one eye, just like you, and we have to get it!”

At first Trent said no since they already had one cute dog at home, but agreed to go take a look.

“I saw him, he was the last of his litter, no one wanted him… I agreed that we needed to get him. He fits perfect with our family.”

Now, their bond over their matching looks has turned them into a heart-melting internet sensation.

The pup is now loved and living with them, in Georgetown, renamed to “Shiner Solo,” because the kids are huge Star Wars fans. For more adorable photos of this little fluffball and his matching human, you can follow their Instagram.

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Callianne Bachman
Callianne Bachman


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