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5 Of The Most Abused Dog Breeds In The World

Some dogs have it better in life than others. Outside of street dogs and mutts of the world, these specific breeds seem to have a particularly hard time. 


chihuahua's need rescuing too

No one really expects to see this on the list, but shelters in many parts of the US are bursting with homeless chihuahuas. These tiny dogs end up in shelters due to over population, unusually long lifespans (they can live up to 18 and 20 years), and their high strung temperament. Not known for being good with kids, many chihuahuas end up in shelters for biting incidents.


former racing greyhound

Greyhounds are known for their amazing speed and agility, but many do not live a long life. While their racing careers may be celebrated, thousands upon thousands of dogs die every year. Racers whose careers are over are sent for euthanasia, while dogs who become injured during the races face the same fate. Many states have moved to ban dog racing, but it still exists in some states. A multitude of rescue groups exist to help the dogs, but often they can not keep up with the number of homes needed for these gentle and athletic creatures.


These beautiful northern dogs often get mislabeled as being wild and not domestic enough for human cohabitation. While this is entirely untrue, many of these dogs end up chained outside in extremely hot and cold conditions. Huskies are highly social and thrive in family situations, especially with other dogs. Life on a chain is not a happy place for these dogs.


Galgos are Spanish greyhounds. They have become world famous for the specific type of cruelty they face. Every year Spanish hunters assault and kill over 50,000 galgo dogs as part of a hunting tradition. If the dogs do not perform well, they are sentenced to abuse and death. Many groups around the world offer refuge to many of these dogs but it's still an event that happens every year.


Pit Bull

Once America's most beloved dog, the American pit bull terrier has turned into a canine phenomenon. Now feared by the public, used for cruel illegal dog fighting rings and ostracized by the media, this breed can't catch a break. Breed specific legislation has not only been proven ineffective but has increased peoples fear about this very affectionate and athletic dog breed. In 2011, animal welfare organization PETA deemed American pit bull terriers to be the most abused dog breed in the world.


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Nicole Simone
Nicole Simone


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May 26, 2019

Animal abusers do not deserve to draw breath. If you can’t love, respect and be able to afford and care for them! don’t get them. Weak people abuse animal’s. I have the most amazing rescue greyhound. He’s my every heart beat.
The light of my life as are my rescue cat’s.
They only ever ask for love warmth a caring heart, it’s not alot to give of ourselves!

Y? would you
Y? would you

April 25, 2019


robbie scrivener
robbie scrivener

September 28, 2018

The greyhound blanket statement of greyhounds who’s career is over are sent for euthanesia is entirely incorrect. In the UK last year of 6,411 retiring greyhounds 86% were homed and only 22 were put down due to no home being found.


June 19, 2018

omg this is soooooo sad


May 22, 2018



May 13, 2018

When I look at this, it makes me break down in tears. How could anyone have the strength to hurt these poor creatures. If you have the urge to abuse any animal, first of all, think about what your doing, second of all get a heart.

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