World of Angus launches world largest database of dog parks

World of Angus launches world largest database of dog parks

This article was updated on August 23rd, 2017

Update: We took AngusOffLeash down for a few months to upgrade search and mapping functionality, as well as a complete rebuild of the API. The site was relaunched in August 2017 as We are now accepting inquiries from any startup for access to our data. It's always free, with a couple of conditions. Just gimme a call and we can discuss: Jeremy @ (416) 841-7664 

Along with developing of some of the most innovative physical products in the pet space, the team at World of Angus has been busy the past six months on a massive and very special project:, the largest and most comprehensive database of dog parks in the world.

Angus Off-Leash

Six months ago when Katherine Wellman, Director of Marketing at WOA, and I were creating our inbound marketing strategy we noticed a very unique content opportunity. There was a surprising lack of data available for all of the dog parks in the world. Using Google Keyword research, we also noticed there was a relatively high number of monthly search queries. If you know anything about SEO, you know that low competition and high queries is a golden opportunity. 

We engaged the team at ThinkData Works to help us with this project and began the arduous task of collecting all of the old, incomplete, and scattered data across from across the web. Since this project began, we have collected over 3,700 dog parks in the USA and Canada. 

At the same time, our development team began coding the AngusOffLeash (remaned: web application. Quietly launched into beta last month, we have been slowly quality checking each listing. We take the time to examine each dog park through Google satellite images. From here, we collect all important amenities: off-leash options, fences, parking, hours of operation, swimming access, bathroom facilities, and more. Our goal is to have, without question, the BEST data on dog parks in the world. 

What are we going to do with this data? We are going to give it away, for free. Next week we finalize our fully read-write API and will begin the first of several partnerships in the space. Companies like WonderWoof, PetBot, DogSync, and more will use our data to power the mapping engines and pet social networks for their mobile applications. 

Working with the best pet wearable companies in the space will give us access to thousands of users who will be posting pictures, comments, and ratings of dog parks. All of this content will be pushed back to our core platform further building community and connecting pet owners. This will also drive up our search results in the space. We have subtle ad real estate dedicated to driving web traffic back to our core e-commerce sites, retail partner sites, and platform partners' web properties.

This platform will enable us to build relationships with startups, retailers, and hospitality companies that require this valuable dog park data but do not want to go to the expense or trouble to build the databases themselves.

In January 2016 we will begin the process of expanding the database to the UK and the rest of Europe. We have also secured a global API integration partnership with Zomato, which will feed café and restaurant data on to every listing page providing local pet friendly places to grab a coffee or a quick bite.

We believe that through this strategy, AngusOffLeash will become one of the most valuable pieces of IP for World of Angus Inc. and one of the primary sources of traffic for our e-commerce sites.  

Jeremy Potvin
Jeremy Potvin